Clinical Governance and Audit - your Outcomes

Regulation and compliance aren't just about having the right documentation and procedures in place. The process of achieving compliance now has the focus firmly placed on providing the evidence of what you do and how you do it - the governance model.

This change in focus has meant a move away from the perceived 'tick box' compliance approach - a positive move but one that means a shift in thinking too. With the focus of registration and compliance now firmly placed on outcomes and patient, client and family member involvement, will you be able to show how you meet these requirements? Do you have governance systems in place?

Can we help?

At KMA Consulting, we can develop a clinical governance framework and plan to to suit your practice, regardless of size or specialty. This includes audit and patient satisfaction survey tools to suit individual practices across a range of healthcare situations. Depending on your organisational needs, our services can include:

~ the development and assistance with implementation of a Clinical Governance plan which is specifically targeted to your practice

~ training for your practice personnel in how Clinical Governance works and how the implementation of a Clinical Governance plan can assist you in providing the evidence of your outcomes

~ development of an audit plan for the coming year

~ training and advice on how to make organisational changes in light of the audit findings

~ provision of audit and survey tools for use by you and your staff

~ training and advice in how to use the tools and present the outcomes

An alternative option is for KMA Consulting to undertake the audit and surveys for you, providing you with a full report on the audit outcomes and action plans where needed, leaving you and your staff to get on with what you do best.

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